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  • Brewery:
  • Duvel Moortgat
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  • BlommeCaes brewery

Triple Johanna


Triple Johanna

  • Brewery:
  • Saint Bernard Brewery
  • Brewery:
  • Westmalle

Trappist beer

In Belgium, six of the twelve worldwide Trappist breweries can be found. The Trappist beer is a protected title and that can be seen from its taste!

Lambic beer

Lambic beer is a (protected) typical Flemish regional product. It is made by brewing malted barley, unmalted wheat and lots of old hops and then fermented in oak barrels.

Abbey beer

Recognized Belgian Abbey Beer is a quality mark that has been awarded to some abbey beers by the Union of Belgian Brewers since 1999. Discover the recognized Belgian abbey beers here!

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Belgian Craft Beers was created to introduce beer lovers to the world of Belgian beers. The Belgian beer offer had never been so great and never as popular as it is today.

Belgian Craft Beers therefore tries to provide the widest possible range of Belgian beers for both the starting beer lover and the seasoned beer connoisseur, to continuously surprise every beer lover with unique and delicious flavors!

Belgian Craft Beers introduces beer lovers to all Belgian special beers!

Drink in moderation is our slogan, even if it is with Kriek, Lambiek or Geuze.

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