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If you want to know more about us, about our values ​​and vision, then you are right here!


We only supply truly delicious Belgian specialty beers with a unique and unparalleled character


We strive for the widest possible range of Belgian specialty beers


We guarantee a 100% delivery guarantee! Has your order broken after all? Then we reimburse this in full!

Our vision

Our mission is to let all global beer lovers experience the beautiful and special flavors of the Belgian beer landscape. 

Beer is one of the most exported products from Belgium and this is due to the particularly rich diversity of special beers in Belgium.  

We therefore try to provide beer lovers with as much information as possible about the extensive and special character of Belgian beers.

With us, every beer lover will find their favorite Belgian beer. Don't have one yet? Discover our offer and we will search with you!

"Life is too short to drink bad beer, that's why we look for the best beer here!"